Alone with Rome

Rome is still asleep. The morning air tastes different, untainted as of yet by pizza and tobacco. A few workmen amble along the fountain, sharing a cigarette and a joke. Their laughter bounces against the old discolored stones and dies off in a musical echo. In the background Neptune stands tall, his muscles perfect, held in tension and plaster. His entourage hangs around him, playing it up in the fresh morning light. I follow their every curve, dent and detail in quick greedy movements.


In an hour everything will change: floating sunflowers, umbrellas and backpacks will push me to a corner. Tacky souvenirs will push the fountain in a corner. Vendors will set up their knock offs under the eye of a concerned Madonna. Somewhere in the crowd a wallet will be misplaced; and Rome will be lost in a swirl of clichés.

16 thoughts on “Alone with Rome

  1. Strangely it is the cliches that give a place, and its people a character that is distinct. And any discovery to the contrary makes travel worthwhile 🙂

    • Anil, I get where you’re at but at big tourist destination the cliches tend to be plastic in make-up. Sometimes they shadow over the character of the city.

  2. that was very beautiful. i’ve been to rome (though it feels like it was a previous lifetime) and this post brought back fond memories.

    keep writing 🙂

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