I remember driving into Zagreb the first time. It was a cold January morning. The city looked pale. I followed a set of twin spires, Zagreb’s main cathedral, the taxi driver said, all the way from the centre of the city to the apartment we’d rented. The spires were hidden beneath layers of scaffolding; ugly braces on a pretty face.


It’s three years later. The renovations continue. One spire is shiny and perfect. The other is still a work in progress. Along the left edge of the cathedral, uprooted angels stand against a chicken-wire fence, waiting to fly free once again.


10 thoughts on “Renovations

  1. It can be a tad disappointing to see the renovations continue for months on end. I used to feel the same with some buildings in Bombay. Somehow it so happened that when I was around town they seemed to be under renovation just then!

  2. love the line “ugly braces on a pretty face”. I never got to see Zagreb when I was in Croatia. It always does seem though that most cathedrals in Europe are in a constant state of renovation!

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