Mumbai 26/11/08

My only memory of him is of a moving figure behind piles of Newspaper.

I’d pull out a copy of the paper I wanted, say it out loud, leave the coin on the stack and walk away, heading for class or towards a train, back home. In the background a railway employee announced train departures and schedules in her rehearsed nasal tone.

On some days (when I was paying more attention) I’d catch a glimpse of his cotton shirt – simple and unremarkable – and a pair of spectacles, if I’m not mistaken.

I search and search for a memory from those six years. At times I remember headlines. I remember incidents. I even remember magazine covers. But I can’t remember his face.


He was killed in the attack at CST last year.

8 thoughts on “Mumbai 26/11/08

  1. It’s interesting to read this sort of snapshot of one person who lost their life in that attack. It’s like you were a videographer standing several meters away, filming him and now presenting the film to us. I think this is well done.

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