My Three Travel Secrets

The Trip Base Three Travel Secrets Tag floating around the internet has found its way to me, via Rob, Candice, Lauren and Nancy; people really want my secrets! And why not, there’s a master-list taking shape and I want to have a (small) say in it, so here goes.

Beyond the Bridge in Llanrwst, Wales

It’s been raining all morning. I splash in and out of puddles on my way to the tiny tea house beyond the bridge. Tu Hwnt i’r Bont (Beyond the Bridge) is covered in green creepers and a summer aroma. Inside, a pot of tea and the best (and by this I mean I’ll trade my writing hand and throw in an iPod, best) scones await.

An Istrian Konoba

It’s noon, we are starving. We stop at a cosy little konoba, a traditional Croatian tavern, on the winding streets of Groznjan. We order some house wine and pick up the menu. This will take a while – everything, and I mean everything here, comes with truffles, even the ice-cream.

Sunset on the Backwaters, Kerala

The day is winding to an end. We are in a wooden boat, drinking cold beers (Kingfisher) and listening to two local musicians playing classical strains that reflect the mood of the fading light. We watch locals heading back home on their own tiny boats; they smile and wave. The sun beings to set.

16 thoughts on “My Three Travel Secrets

    • Haha, I know. This region of Croatia is known for truffles. They grow everywhere and they go on everything without hurting the wallet too much.

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