Postcard Series – Mumbai

I don’t recognize the city in this photo. I don’t recognize the city in front of me. Every day it changes a little bit, changing completely and yet not changing at all.

Everything is jumbled: Everything is new. It’s all the same. I am a stranger. I am at home. I sweat unbearably. I am perfectly comfortable. I want to leave. I want to stay.

In the jumble it all makes sense.

Mumbai, April 2010


I’ve taken to writing (myself) postcards when travelling. I’ve this image in my head, of me, thirty-forty years down the line, going through stacks of yellowing postcards, and thinking about the good old days, a cup of hot chai in hand.

13 thoughts on “Postcard Series – Mumbai

    • Thanks Sabina, I had a pile of pretty postcards and I didn’t want to throw them, I didn’t know what to do with them …

  1. What a beautiful idea, Neha. I always buy postcards but never send them to anyone. What a collection you’ll be able to look back on!

  2. Love the idea of looking at them n thinking abt those good ole days…I do tht sometimes with my million fotos that I have taken 🙂

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