Dubrovnik Diaries – The Rooftops

From the walls I look down at an orange sea; the geometric ripples are broken by stained glass windows and bored pigeons. I follow the trail to the end, but when I get there, the rooftops of Dubrovnik just spread out further.

It’s all orange but it isn’t the same. There are two colours up here – orange and fading orange, now almost yellow. One is a sign of the town’s prosperity, the other of survival.

The yellow tops have seen the war and survived it. Their numbers are few and the scars are many, but they stand as proud symbols of this ancient city’s resilience. The orange-orange ones have replaced fallen warriors. They are young, but of the same stock, put together using the same traditional techniques. They represent the new Dubrovnik, youthful as it is old.


9 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Diaries – The Rooftops

    • I loved how the old ones stand out against the bright new ones. You’d expect them to get lost but instead they stand out. Thanks for reading!

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