Dubrovnik Diaries – Plate Half Full

They serve the sea on a platter, in glass bowls, on pizza, between bread. They serve it along the waterfront, in tiny lanes and along the steps. The catch, it goes without saying, is fresh, caught between the dark night and dawn; maybe this explains the lurking cats around the town.

The ‘but’ comes before and after the meal. It starts with over eager waiters accosting passing visitors, waving menus, almost forcing them in, promising the best authentic Dalmatian meal. The trite posters along the wall may tell a different story.

Even when the food is great, and the service not so bad, the bruise comes with the hefty bill. What goes by as a meal in Dubrovnik could get you three elsewhere in the country. The one good thing is that you’re never in the mood for seconds; you don’t (further) overspend; you don’t (really) get fat.

9 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Diaries – Plate Half Full

    • Haha, thanks Kits. But seriously, the place is crazy expensive. Had our most expensive breakfast there. It hurt like hell when the bill came.

  1. “They serve the sea”? I just adore your writing. I suppose I have said this previously. It’s great to see that you’re posting more often!

  2. so how long wehre u in dubrovnik or are these collected over time?

    I have to say food was onething that didnt excite my much in Croatia or rather hvar… being veggie, my options were mostly spaghetti for dinner (not even pasta! )… we however found a lovely pizza place for our after-a-day-at-the-beach-snack which made up!

    • Ah yeah, food along the coast can be a bit of a challenge for a vegetarian – pizza and pasta for every meal can get boring pretty fast.

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