Dubrovnik Diaries – After Dark

When night falls in Dubrovnik’s old town, the white stones bathe in gold. Under lamp posts, and in the shadows of flickering moths, they sit back and work away the stiffness of an over worked day.

The light hits all the right spots – the stained glass of the cathedral, the clock on the bell tower, letting the night cloak the many, many statues, including Orlando’s right in the middle, in a blanket of solitude. Not far away, the water hums quietly, hitting against the wall.

7 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Diaries – After Dark

  1. Oh, I love short little things like this. Sometimes I think it takes a lot more confidence to write something like this than a big long post… Lovely!

  2. One of my favorite things about Croatia (or Bosnia, Serbia, Italy…) is that the nights are so vibrant. People are out every night of the week, there’s always life in the streets, which makes it not only fun, but also safe. I love that.

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