Dubrovnik Diaries – Different Moods

In the last post of this series, I’m putting together some of my favourite photos of Dubrovnik.

From the walls, the church tops, spires and bells, are so much more accessible than when standing below the church steps, neck craned and eyes squinting. I count the tiles, the bells and the pigeons. And then I count clouds.

St. Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, takes his job very seriously. He stands above the cathedral, along the wall, at the entrance, above the water, looking out at sea. There’ll be no slacking off on his part. None at all.

She sits along the walls, on an open patch close to the Maritime museum. The thousand tourists don’t distract her from the intricate patterns she was creating. When asked if this is all her handiwork, she says yes. And her mother’s. And her aunt’s. And her sister’s. Then she goes back to work.

Shop windows are my weakness. Ok, one of them. But look how colourful they are. And shiny. And full of things you can buy. Pretty things. New things. Did I mention shiny things? I’m not allowed to spend too much time in front of them.

From a  distance this is such a sweet picture. A group of senior citizens sitting on a bench along the water, exchanging stories. In my head, these are stories of the good old days and of youthful escapades. As I get closer, I hear the swear words, and catch the aggressive gesturing. I walk by really quick. The fight continues for a while.

Here’s the truth – the real reason we travel is for the food. The first thing we do is look up the best food stops around, and then we plan the rest of the day around our meals. Can there be any other way? I think not.

The pigeons are her friends. She runs in their midst, arms raised to her sides. She feeds them pieces of bread; pieces torn by her mother standing on the sidelines.

15 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Diaries – Different Moods

  1. I also travel for food. Whenever I’m going to visit a new city, I always look up recommendations for all the good local spots – cafes or restaurants with really inventive menus, better if all the dishes use things I’ve never heard of. Travelling through your tastebuds is half the fun, I think 🙂

  2. Your whole series on Dubrovnik Diaries was very interesting and I thought I should tell you this at least on this concluding part. 🙂

    I am sorry, I am late here as I am still recovering from Dengue fever. 😦

    But was reading all your posts thru reader.

  3. Great photos! Think I’m going to pass through Dubrovnik in a couple months—this post definitely got me more stoked!

  4. Always have wanted to visit Dubrovnik and Split, skirted them while sailing from Italy to Greece and have heard many tales of the beauty along the way. Thanks for sharing some of that beauty Neha!

  5. Neha, I’m so happy I checked out your blog. What a gorgeous piece – the writing and photography were just stunning together. I loved the anecdote about the old guys on the bench swearing at each other. You are bookmarked, friend!

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