Postcard Series – Korčula

The water is filthy. Marko at the marina says the garbage is coming from Albania. I almost laugh but there is anger in his words, rough and volatile.


The town within the walls is tiny crooked lanes and large structures, all made of stone. It creates an illusion of space in a place where it’s impossible to get lost.


From the pizzeria along the walls I can see the water, and the frantic clean-up operation. I order a pizza called ‘Stari Grad’ – Old Town; it has aubergine on it and is surprisingly good.


It’s getting darker. The fishing boats are pulling out. The garbage is lost in the darkness. Korčula is beautiful again.

Korčula, Croatia, May 2010


I’ve taken to writing (myself) postcards when travelling. I’ve this image in my head, of me, thirty-forty years down the line, going through stacks of yellowing postcards, and thinking about the good old days, a cup of hot chai in hand.

12 thoughts on “Postcard Series – Korčula

    • To be fair to him, the Croatian economy is largely tourism based. And they do take fabulous care of the place. The water is ALWAYS sparkling clean, and so is everything else. I’d be a raving lunatic in his place.

  1. Hi Neha,

    Stumbled upon your blog yesterday and spent all evening reading your posts. I absolutely love the way you write. You had me at ‘ I write, he clicks and the world poses’ 🙂

    Again, great blog, can’t wait for your next post.

    – Hema

    • Josh, aubergines are eggplants (brinjals) and they have no business being on a pizza!

      Grilled eggplant slices are pretty popular in Croatia. They taste great too. It was just such a weird combination I wanted to try it out. Surprisingly yum!

  2. I am a huge fan of brinjal being consumed in interesting manners. Liked this post. Like the notion of checking out stuff from the past whilst sipping chai 🙂 V nice imagery!

  3. they do have a habit of being suspicious of the Albanians, don’t they?

    We never could make up our minds about Korcula – as in whether to stop or not…. does it trump over hvar, and some of the other islands in Croatia?

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