Postcard Series – Amsterdam

Yesterday, I had a space-cake; I spent my day in an exploding kaleidoscope. Now I’m standing in front of Van Gogh’s best work. It’s a dizzy whirl of colours and emotions, pain and joy, each cut, stabbed, smudged and gently kissed by a stroke of his brush. The space-cake was fine, but this is what I guess they call a real high.

Amsterdam, July 2011


I’ve taken to writing (myself) postcards when travelling. I’ve this image in my head, of me, thirty-forty years down the line, going through stacks of yellowing postcards, and thinking about the good old days, a cup of hot chai in hand.

2 thoughts on “Postcard Series – Amsterdam

  1. I really enjoyed looking at the photos of you walking to the post box and posting your letters! I think it’s very exciting to be sent postcards and I hope you all receive a reply. I wonder how long it will take?

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