Really Short Notes from a Wine Tasting Weekend in Istria

  • I’m off to Istria with the Brava Wine Company, run by the lovely April. She’s a smart cookie; she has made drinking wine a career. I’m paying attention.
  • Istria is gorgeous. All the delicious wine they make here is just the boozy icing on the cake.
  • Making good wine is about a combination of things – passion, dedicated effort, luck, weather. Drinking good wine is just common sense.
  • At some point it comes down to taking note or drinking more wine; more wine always wins.
  • April pulls out notes of dried plum. Someone else on the table tastes violets. I  stick with what I know – “oh yum!”
  • Each time I pour out the wine, my glass get refilled. This is by far my most favourite magic trick.
  • Mixing wines is actually a fantastic idea.
  • Wine tasting = no hangover. Eureka!
  • When you come back with more alcohol than clothes in your bag, you know you’ve done something right.


8 thoughts on “Really Short Notes from a Wine Tasting Weekend in Istria

  1. Cool! I also did wine tasting recently here at Napa Valley…I was completely drunk and supremely happy at the end of it 🙂 Not to mention the tour through the old caves where they store the wine to mature…

    • A fantastic combination, no? Btw, a lot of the wine makers there have Croatian roots. It’s another reason why I’d love to visit Napa Valley someday.

  2. Lol! love your writing. I came across your blog while googling ‘backpacking in Croatia’ for reasons unknown I am hell bent on making it to the old cities and their walls this year, and your articles just added fuel to the fire! So thanks 🙂

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