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If you look closely, the world is still a very beautiful place.


Awe Shucks

The last time I stood on these walls, I saw Dubrovnik—her glory, her history, her scars. I traced the slants of orange rooftops all the way to the blue waves. (mint lounge)


One Thousand Shades of Blue

The first time I saw the Adriatic, I realized blue can be many different colours. Now I am about to spend a whole week on the water, watching it shimmer and shine, up close. (mint lounge)


Remember the Shoes

Budapest has many stories, and many scars, the deepest of which runs along the Danube. (mint lounge)


Croats Play Cricket Too

Every now and then, clusters of tourists slow down by the green bowl between the hills. They stand over the rim for a few minutes, either puzzled or in delight, before walking down to the field.  (mint lounge)


Paint Stains in Grožnjan

His fingers are thick but nimble, looping the black cord in quick practiced movements around the shimmering blue glass pendant. (ITKT)


How To Adopt a Tiger or a Lesson in Indian Bureaucracy

My glasses keep slipping out of place and my cotton shirt is soaked, pasted to my back. Despite the thick forest cover, the heat pierces through at Mumbai’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park. (matadorchange.com)


Croatia in Ten Stops

From April to late October the sun settles over the Adriatic; the days are long and warm, and are best enjoyed in summer whites, flip-flops, and a glass of something cold. It’s the perfect time to visit, and if you do, here’s my rough guide to the best of Croatia in ten stops. (gobackpacking.com)


How I Learned Hindi

I thought my Hindi was workable.

Hindi isn’t my mother tongue, we didn’t speak it at home, but I followed basic conversation – thanks to Bollywood blockbusters I watched every weekend – and I knew the devnagri script, again learned at weekend classes that my parents insisted I attend. With one foot already in the door, how hard could it be to pick up Hindi? (matadorabroad.com)


How I Escaped the Hungry Husband & Learned to Love Cooking

Most of my life, I hated the kitchen.

Indian kitchens are for women. Cooking, along with assorted kitchen activities, is what women do. Women cook, set up the table, clean up and make chai, while men eat, chat and watch TV. The kitchen was a cage that I had to stomach just because I was a girl. I decided I’d rather not. (matadorlife.com)


A Day in the Life of an Expat: Zagreb

My day starts on the balcony with a hot mug of coffee. I watch the leaves falling (or filling in, depending on the season). It’s quiet. The coffee is bitter. (matadorabroad.com)


Hiking in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

On the old road between Zagreb and Zadar a dense green cover takes over. As the sound of rushing water blocks out everyday noises, you know you’ve reached the Plitvice Lakes National Park. (matadortrips.com)


Notes from a Cafe

Delicate strings of cigarette smoke rise up in synchrony, like ballerinas magically suspended in mid-air. Through the haze, and inter-cutting electric blue trams, I trace graffiti smothering the city walls. (hackwriters.com)


A Day With the Stone Beauty

She is known as the Stone Beauty. Over the ages many have vied for her attention: they’ve tried to woo her with castles and riches; they’ve tried to impress her with art; they’ve even fought wars over her. Today I get to see for myself what all the fuss is about. (hindustantimes.com)

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